30 Human Rights Wins

2019: 30 Human Rights Wins: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2019/08/30-human-rights-wins-worth-celebrating/?utm_source=FBPAGE-IS&utm_medium=social&utm_content=2565761239&utm_campaign=Amnesty&utm_term=Story+of+Change

What's Next?

27 October – Otley Street Collection. Sunday, 2 December – Otley Victorian Fayre – Amnesty cards and mulled wine.

Ben Rhydding Fete - June 2018

Our Adopted Prisoner of Coscience

Here are some words from the pen of Ali Aarass, in prison in SalĂ©, Morocco after having been convicted on terrorism charges following a confession produced by torture – there appears to have been no other evidence. He is solitary confinement and has been on hunger strike. ................................. 'You who enjoy total freedom! You who have no idea what it would be like to lose it! You who might prefer not to know! You who think it only happens to those who are guilty! You are wrong, I am an innocent man and yet here I am! Take a few minutes to encourage and support these human rights defenders and their work. This work helps people like me to stay strong and hopeful. To never feel alone! When you are supported, you have the capacity to resist and denounce what people may struggle to understand, especially those who subject you to these inhuman conditions. There are some things that can never be forgotten. I will never forget those who support me.' ................................ Does anyone have any books in French or Spanish (especially about current affairs, nature or sport) that Wharfedale Amnesty can send to him? Please contact us and we’ll collect. ................................ Or you can write to him yourself: Ali Aarrass Numero d'ecrou 930 Prison Locale de Tifelt II Tifelt Morocco

June 2016 - A message from Amnesty

Thanks to activists like you, Yecenia Armenta now walks free in Mexico. She had been arbitrarily detained by police in the Sinaloa State of Mexico in 2012. Yecenia was beaten, near-asphyxiated and raped during 15 hours of torture until she was forced to "confess" to involvement in the murder of her husband. Finally, she has been released, and Amnesty activists like you helped make the difference—together, we sent over 300,000 letters and petitions to Mexican authorities on her case during last year's Write for Rights campaign. In response to her release, Yecenia told us: In this moment I have many mixed emotions, yet I don't know how to grasp them. I feel happiness and I feel very excited. I feel as if I was out of commission. I want to see my children. To all the people that have accompanied me, I want to give immense thanks. Without their support, this would have been almost impossible. I want to thank those that keep fighting, that don’t abandon this beautiful work that is to fight for the rights of others. Sometimes justice comes late, but it will come. Yecenia is right. Without the activism and support of people like you, victories like these would be almost impossible, but when we stand together demanding justice, it will come. While not one of Yecenia's torturers have been held accountable, we will continue to campaign for justice in Yecenia's case and for an end to torture worldwide. You can join Amnesty's next Write for Rights Campaign this fall.

July 2015 - Good News!

Over the past year, more than two million of us have told our governments to stop torturing - from Argentina to Australia; from Morocco to Moldovia; from Poland to Philippines. And it's working: Torture survivor, Moses Akatugba, was released from death row in nigeria after 800,000 in 118 countries took action to save him. Torture victim, Claudia Medina, saw false charges against her dropped in Mexico, after 300,000 people around the world wrote to demand justice for her. And police in the Pilippines agreed to investigate the torture of Jerryme Corre.